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tiptaptap: William / Ronald - little talks :'D

20. little talks

Most couples dreaded the day the comfortable lull came in their firestorm of a relationship.

It was safe to say that William was most certainly looking forward to it, in comparison.

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10 - 22 - 14 answered macey fics tiptaptap y a y this was fun kuroshitsuji

toiling-hufflepuff: NARUTO THEN

awright let’s do this thang

10 - 21 - 14 answered toiling hufflepuff It's been so long since I've even dabbled in Naruto holy shit

tiptaptap: Asch/Natalia I'm coming home 8D

4. i’m coming home

And besides, I promised, didn’t I?

She never stopped feeling guilty over the way her heart sunk down to her curling toes the moment she had heard those words, watched what was decidedly Luke’s gaze match Tear’s own.

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10 - 21 - 14 answered macey fics tiptaptap tales of the abyss h o l y SHIT idek man this took forever also aaa i hope i did it justice it's the first time i write EITHER OF THEM LOL

10 - 21 - 14 jade just /knows/ the collective u g h face is the best tho tales of the abyss yes bottom left dude should have joined the party

10 - 21 - 14 tales of the abyss ionnnn ;u; this is beautiful omg



The Crusader
Group Potential Specialization
Possible Use of a Particular Collective
Focused on the Potential of their Group as it can be, the ENTJ Crusader is a passionate recruiter to their causes, able to see the future capacity of their like-minded team and make it happen.  They have a powerful ability to rally others to action and show them why causes and purposes matter so much, because they understand just what a Group can do to change the world for the better, given the chance.  One of the main ways the ENTJ Crusader seeks the future success of their own team, is torush into battle against opposing teams, ready to defend their team’s ideals at a moment’s notice, unafraid or even spoiling for a fight.  But the Crusader needs to watch out for oversimplifications about the finer details of situations.  With their last step being data and details, ENTJs tend to build up strawmen arguments without considering the complexity of a situation and end up hurting or estranging people who may have been on their side if given a chance.  Passion is good and it’s one of ENTJ’s greatest assets, but without complexity it can end up being one of their greatest liabilities.


The Swashbuckler
Individual Potential Specialization
Possible Use of Particular Individuals, starting with themselves
Ever unpredictable, the ENTP Swashbuckler does what works; they excel at applying and adapting the tools in their observed arsenal to whatever new and unusual situation they might come up against, disregarding the rules and following their gut. Focusing on the Potential of Individuals, starting with themselves, the Swashbuckler is all about exploring and pushing the limits of what they as a person can do and be, and encouraging others to do the same.  With their love of observing people and their motivations, the Swashbuckler is excellent at seeing, understanding, and changing their own character to become the larger-than-life person they *want* to be.  But the Swashbuckler, with their last cognition step being action, needs to be careful not to be flippant with the damage mistaken actions can cause. An ENTP who no longer *cares* about the effect of their mistakes on others is no longer well-intentioned, which leaves them a hollow shell of the person they wanted to be in the first place.


The Dragon
World Potential Specialization
Possible Use of the Theoretical Collective
With both a profound love of conceptual Principles and a fierce understanding of the Use of Action, the INTJ Dragon is fully prepared to improve the World according to its full Potential.  With majestic precision and principled poise, they have a vision of what the world on the whole could be and the plans to get it there, though helping the World reach the extent of what they can envision usually requires the world and people to change for the better.  But, while in the pursuit of overcoming the maladies of the World, the INTJ Dragon needs to be careful not to raze the world as it is, people included, if the particular collective in front of them isn’t living up to the theoretical collective they can imagine.  No burninating the peasants.


The Alchemist
Situational Potential Specialization
Possible Use of Theoretical Individuals
The INTP Alchemist is all about finding new ways to get the most use out of every moment, finding joy in modes, methods and systems, ideas and possibilities, natural explorers in the realm of what could be.  They love to use their minds to explore the world by themselves, using abstract thought tofind solutions to problems and to understand the nuances of data and specifics, innovating in order to use each Situation as effectively as possible.  But with a love of mental specializing and a fear that they need to be the smartest kid in the class or be rendered worthless, the Alchemist needs to remember that (as this post demonstrates) they don’t have to specialize in everything and aren’t lessened by needing others’ strengths as much as others need them.  They especially need to be aware that specific data does not unilaterally apply to every Situation and it’s tempting for an INTP to imply that being good at details means that their worldview is correct, when usually the two are entirely unrelated.
Type Specializations: What Makes *My* Type Special? 

10 - 21 - 14 mbti intp HAHA this explains it well



1. glad you came
2. team
3. don’t lie
4. i’m coming home
5. story of my life
6. falling down
7. clarity
8. counting stars
9. wake me up
10. safe and sound
11. lose yourself
12. in the sun
13. the monster
14. burn
15. sweet nothing
16. i’m with you
17. we believe
18. thanks for the memories
19. anything could happen
20. little talks
21. the pretender
22. by the way
23. sanctuary
24. paradise
25. where is my mind

And to up the challenge, I’ll write something in 6 sentences or less.

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gagafan22796: Would you please do Kuroshitsuji for the shipping question thing..?

sure! <3 thanks so much for asking!

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